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About us

Film Location Riviera welcomes any filming in the region. It responds without charge to the requests of production companies researching filming venues, looking for local technicians, for service providers, actors or other providers of local logistical support.



It offers tailor-made solutions for all your projects (long footage, television films, publicity films, documentaries) at all stages of pre-production, production and post-production.







Our office

Film Location Riviera is able to tailor solutions to meet your individual needs and to set up or complete your film crews.

Our office provides you with :
-professional staff in a specific branch
-natural settings
(historical or natural sites)

And help with :
-administrative procedures
(requests, authorisations)
-your travel and accommodation arrangements






Natural setting

A number of locations are proposed: lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, castles, family mansions, chalets..

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The region of Vevey

Vevey, Town of images

For several centuries Vevey has been renowned for its vitality and its artistic, cultural and industrial creativeness. The local authorities have always been very welcoming and this has helped Vevey develop both economically and culturally. Since the beginning of the 90s, Vevey has established itself as a " Town of Images ", in the broad sense of the term, due to both the creative and the professional talents here. Anyone who has a project that they want to develop will find a wide variety of solutions in the region. Film productions are especially welcome and we can provide a reliable support network of professionals in this field. In order to best serve the world of image-making, we have set up three specific entities : Fondation Vevey,Ville d’Images, Swissmedia and Film Location Riviera.




Many celebrities, including Sir Charlie Chaplin, Igor Stravinsky, James Mason, Victor Hugo and Claude Chabrol have found this region to be a source of inspiration ans creativeness. This innovative spirit endures through the wide variety of cultural events that are organised here, such as the famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the IMAGES festival.






The weather

The combination of Lake Geneva, the vineyards and the mountains that surround the Vevey region provide an exceptional quality of light in both summer and winter. The climate is warm and the area is conveniently located at the heart of Europe.

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Film Location Riviera
c/o Service culturel de la ville de Vevey
Grande Place 29

T +41 (0) 925 34 14
F +41 (0) 925 34 16

Internet adress: www.filmlocationriviera.ch 

Head of office: Stefano Stoll



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