Support for people coming from Ukraine

War in Ukraine – General information for the people coming from Ukraine

You are from Ukraine and just arrived in Switzerland?
You have recently arrived in Switzerland - you will find general and specific information on the Canton de Vaud website or on the Confederation's website:

hotline dedicated to questions related to the reception of people from Ukraine: + 41 58 715 11 07, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For all enquiries: ukraine(at) or +41 58 465 99 11 from 10am to 12am and 2pm to 4pm

You are an Ukranian citizen and need to obtain the S visa?

The Swiss government has activated the S visa (people in need of protection) as of March 11th. To apply, you must mandatorily go to one of the six federal asylum centers (FAC).

Please note that waiting times at federal CFA centers can be long.

  • It is important that people who have accommodation do not go to the centers immediately but submit their application online. Submit an application online

The protection status S gives the possibility to

  •  Stay in Switzerland
  •  Have access to assistance, including accommodation and health insurance
  •  Enroll children in school
  • Travel abroad and return to Switzerland without requiring a permit
  • Work in Switzerland

The two closest federal asylum centers:

CFA Boudry
Rue de l’Hôpital 60
2017 Boudry
Hotline +41 58 465 03 03

CFA de Berne
Morillonstrasse 75
3007 Berne (canton de Berne)
Tel.  +41 58 465 75 80
Hotline +41 58 465 75 80

The addresses of the 6 federal centers (CFA):

Beaulieu Temporary Housing Facility
An emergency shelter is available 7 days a week at Beaulieu. This temporary solution allows us to offer a 24-hour reception and bed to people in search of protection arriving in the canton, while waiting for a longer-term accommodation solution.

Palais de Beaulieu, Hall 35
Avenue des Bergières 8b, 1004 Lausanne
Bus stop Beaulieu-Jomini

Steps to take to obtain S. protection status:

  • If you already have housing, you can make an appointment at a CFA on the Confederation's website. make an appointment at a CFA
  • If you do not have housing, you can register at a CFA which will then provide you with housing. Information about the S visa :

You have recently arrived in Vevey and would like to enroll your children in school?
You can make the subscription directly at the school's administration. You will find all needed information on the Canton de Vaud website, as well as a list of the educational institutions.

Below, the educational institutions in Vevey:

  • For students aged 4 to10 (1P à 6P):
    Vevey primary school
    Rue du Torrent 27, 1800 Vevey
    Tel.  +41 21 557 42 00
    More info on schedules, registration site, etc :
  • For students aged 10 to 15 (7P à 11S):
    Vevey Primary and school
    Rue du Collège 30, 1800 Vevey
    Tel.  +41 21 557 42 00
    More info on schedules, registration site, etc :

You wish to provide accommodation to people from Ukraine?
You’ll find all the necessary information here:

We advise you to regularly check our web page which will be kept up to date.